mothergaia: (Night)
( Nov. 29th, 2008 03:08 pm)
I feel dead. Or dead tired. I hang out with some friends last night. We watched Meet the Robinsons, while eating pizza. I laughed so hard at that movie. I just loved it, and the humour was so random and funny!

After we watched the movie, we played video games and ate a lot of sweets. We played Naruto, ultimate ninja 3. That was extremely funny, although I lost every time. After that, we played  Rumble Racing, a car racing game. I got on the 7th place everyime! Seriosly, there is something with me and number 7. Whatever the situation is, whatever I'm doing, number 7 always comes up. That's creepy.

Does anyone have MSN? I'm bored, and I'd love to talk to my LJ friends some more, to get to know you all better.

Does anyone have suggestions on funny movies to watch? I need to wake up, before I fall asleep again.


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