mothergaia: (Sazzy)
( Aug. 4th, 2008 08:29 pm)
My last week at work!!

It feels awsome!

I've been with one of my best friends today, and we had a blast ^^

And, oh, things keep happening to me all the time. The world has something against me, I can tell!

Last week I lost my wallet, with contained my bank card, so I asked for a new one, which I a few days ago, and today... of course, I had forgot to take it out from my pants, so it's been washed now... But it works. Lucky me!

The weather is horrible. It keepa raining all the time.

And guess what else happened today?


I hadn't even written to him O.o

He said I seemed to be an intresting person, and that he like my pictures. (He has a profile on facebook) and he said that he rarely added people he don't know as friends... I don't know if I am going to believe him... although he is a grown up person, he might be lying...
But I was surprised that he wrote me, and happy as well!

I feel sick now.. I've eaten too many marshmallows and winegums, and I am just about to eat pizza... Does someone want to switch?


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