mothergaia: (doaweasley)
( Nov. 19th, 2008 03:05 pm)
Long time, no post! And also, welcome new friends!

There isn't very much to post about... nothing special has been happening, just as always. Yeah, my life is boring.

There's one thing I'm mad about though, and I guess all HP fans can guess what it's all about. Yes, I'm talking about November the 21st. That's gonna be my hate day. Because I hate it, now more than ever.

Why? because of Twilight!!!! Ugh!!! Stupid, stinking WB thinks they can replace HBP with Twilight! What the hell was they thinking? Ok, I know they didn't replace it. They took that date because it was available, because stupid WB "had to" change the release date. *vomits on them.* They also keep saying that they LOOOOVE their HP fans, and that they would NEVER do anything to hurt them.
I believe them. NOT!
*vomits some more on them*

Anyways, back to real life.. I'm working on a new fan fic. A one shot, and I hope to finish it soon, so I can post it later. It's Ron and Hermione of course :D

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