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( Jun. 19th, 2008 10:46 pm)
Wow, my first post O.o

Maybe i Should tell some things about myself.

First of all, I am Sandra, but people usually call me Sazzy. I'm from Sweden >.<

I am 19 years old, although I don't act like one xD I am a complete disney nerd, and I am also Potterholic. *Potter books are my bibles* I eat, sleep and breath everything that has to do with Harry Potter.

I really suck at writing posts, don't I? O.o

I hope my other posts will be better xD

I'm actually working on a fanfiction, if anyone is intrested xD Of course, It's about Ron and Hermione. I worship their relationship. I also thinking about writing a story about George Weasley. (Hence my weakness for red haired boys) Any suggestion or ideas about it, anyone?

Btw, It's been a long week. I spend my days working, writing, reading. I've been working on that place for a week now, and I'm already getting tired of it, doing the same thing all over again. Lucky [profile] elict is working there too. At least I have a very nice person to talk to about Harry Potter, and other interesting stuff.

I'll be leaving now. I should be more social with my boyfriend ^^


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