mothergaia: (Severus Snape)
( Jun. 24th, 2008 08:21 pm)
Hello again!

Today I've been working (of course), and when I got home after work, mom made me go through my closet, so I've been throwing a lot of old clothes. Such hard work >.< But still, it feels good to finally get rid of them.

Then I watched some TV.. and guess what?

ALAN RICKMAN WAS ON TV!!!!!!!!!!!! :D I was soo happy, cause he is one of my famourite actors ever!

Anyway, the movie was called Snow Cake, and it was about a man (Alan Rickman) <3 who became friends with an autistic woman, and it wasn't very easy for him.

It was a good movie, and Alan was acting VERY well, like always :)

He's a hottie <3


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