I'm in school right now, and I'm writing a boring Essay about the European Union.. It sucks like hell, and I don't understand a thing!!

I copied this from facebook, so that you, my dear LJ freinds, would get to know me better ^^

25 Random things about me:

1. I have a big phobia of frogs and toads
2. I'm a sweetoholic
3. My cat makes my life worth living for
4. I never party
5. I love red heads!
6. I've been in love with Rupert Grint since 7th grade
7. I'm a Potterholic
8. I hate snow
9. I hate the sun
10. I love rain
11. I've always wanted to go to Great britain
12. I'm bored most of the time
13. I'm in love with Disney's Tarzan
14. I want to be a Weasley
15. I love twins
16. Ouran Host club is my favourite anime and manga
17. I can't live without internet
18. I love vampires
19. I'm boring
20. I love to write fanfics
21. I love yaoi!
22. I'm bisexual
23. I cry to disney movies
24. I love my friends
25. I love animals.                         

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