My boyfriend really is jealous.

I've never seen him jelous, except from when I mention Rupert Grint or Ron Weasly.

But now...

He even admit it himself!

I know that this guy who claims that he likes me, knows that I do have a boyfriend. And still, he keeps flirting with me.

It feels weird, having someone else liking me,

I don't understand why.

I was asked to be a waitress on a birthday party on saturday, and I accepted. It'll be fun ^^
I hope..
The party is for my best friend's brother's surprise party, so he don't know about it. A lot of people will probably be there.

I skipped cooking class today. I really didn't feel for it, so I decided to not go there. I told my teacher I had a bad headache, and he let me go.
Easy, isn't it?

Although, I think I'm getting sick. My throat is sore, and the flu is already around school.

I still have write's block, in every story I'm working with, except the James/Lily I'm currently writing. I don't know why, but somehow it feels easier to write J/L than R/Hr.

I'm hungry..

*goes to take something to eat*
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