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( Jan. 28th, 2009 07:42 pm)

Am I seriously the only person who Doesn't like Emma Watson? I think I am.. 
I always get the same reaction from everyone I'm telling this to. Everyone says the same: "OHMYGOD HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE HER, SHE'S AWSOME, SHE'S PRETTY AND THE BEST EVAAAHH!"

Pretty, yes, but awsome? No fucking way!

She can't even act as Hermione! I don't see a Hermione in her AT ALL! They should replace her with someone else, because it bothers me A LOT everytime I watch the HP movies. I just can't see her as Hermione, all I see is Emma.. 

Hermione is one of my favourite characters, and Emma just makes me hate her in the movies. She doesn't impress me at all with her acting.

Plus, she moves her head to much when she talks... and her eyebrows has their own lives.

It's annoying.

And you know something else that annoys me?

That people keep joining Roleplaying Potter, without even bother to stay active!

Since I roleplay as George Weasley, I was very happy when somone joined as Fred, hoping we would make lots of mischiefs together. But nooooo, of course the person in question only made one or two posts, and then decided to leave it at that.
Why do they even bother to join, when they don't even care?
It's frustrating!

All right, that's enough rants for today... I've made some more icons ^^

Heeere! )


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