mothergaia: (tasty)
( Jan. 20th, 2009 11:47 pm)
I've had a hell of a day.

Seriously, I feel dead.

We are FORCED to lead gymnastics for children during freetime after school every tuesday. We have to do it for our grades, so unfortunately, we HAVE TO do it, against our will!
Today was the first time, and it was a complete chaos! The children happened to be toddlers, who couldn't listen at all, plus, we were informed that parents shouldn't be there while we're having the lessons. We told them that, and what did they do? They STAYED! Didn't care at all about hom much pressure we felt, and one of the parents kept trying to take over, because she felt that we hadn't planned it.
Couldn't she realise we were new to this, and that we felt more pressured?
It was a nightmare...

I think I'm getting sick again.. I'm having a cold, and I'm having a hell of a headache, and it's bloody freezing in here. My hands are about to freeze off!

I know I haven't posted or commented a lot lately.. I'm sorry about that. I'll do better!

I have to work on an essay about concentration camps that's due on friday... It's an intresting subjet, but I really don't feel like writing essays, especially if they have to be three pages long. So, if anyone here knows a lot about concentration camps, or anything about that subject, feel free to share ^^

Oh, btw, MY MOM GOT FACEBOOK!! *facepalm* Embarrasing... she added me... *headdesk*

I don't feel like school tomorrow... but unfortunately, I have to... blah! At least I can sleep in day after tomorrow, which is rather nice.

I'm think I'm tucking in... I'm very tired, and my headache is getting worse..

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